About Us

Industry experience has taught us one thing, we really enjoy

ever-changing momentum.

We embrace learning new technology, tackling new challenges and venturing into the unknown to come out better on the other side.

  • We know relationships always will continue to win in the B2B world.
  • We take care of our employees both internally and customer facing.
  • We pride ourselves in delivering a positive customer experience.
  • We put technology and processes at the forefront of decisions.
  • We customize to fit clients needs, not force a solution.
  • We take the time to figure out complex problems.
  • We outwork the competition each and every day.
  • We are not intimidated at the challenges ahead.
  • We take control of future success.
  • We have fun along the journey.
  • We believe it takes ONE SparQ.

OneSparQ was born out of necessity.  There are millions of jobs around the country with more and more companies not being able to scale with the speed their business requires.  We are focused on delivery and speed to market while always remembering that relationships matter.  With 13+ years in the staffing and services industry supporting hundreds of clients nationwide.  The OneSparQ systematized processes ensure that quality resources come second nature and our customers can rest easy knowing that we will deliver.

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